Shampoo Bars

Shampoo Bars


I am delighted to introduce shampoo bars to my inventory of high-quality, all natural products. These bars are made with with coconut oils, mango butter, and other ingredients that will leave your hair deliciously clean and shimmering.

Being single handed I have always struggled with packaging, much of which is unnecessary. Can you count how many plastic bottles of shampoo you use every year? Multiply that by the hundreds of millions of people who buy their shampoo in plastic bottles. We now know where all that plastic ends up, and we just can’t go on like this.

You can get up to 60 washes from one of these bars! They are environmentally friendly, they take up little space, and they are great for travelling. I think you will love them!
*These are wrapped in 100% Biodegradable food safe film

Working with my new Bath Bomb Press … its pretty exciting !

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Each bar contains :

  • BTMS-50 -is an emulsifying wax.that has fabulous conditioning properties and it adsorbs well hair and finley coats your hair to protect it

  • Cetyl Alcohol- used as a thickener and also creates a longer shelf life. Dispite the work alcohol being used in noway is it drying to the skin or hair

  • Mango Butter - is very moisturizing and soothing to the skin and is known for good UV protection

  • SCI Noodles (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate) -very gentle surfactant derived from coconut oil - helps with conditioning, foaming and cleansing

  • SCS Noodles (Sodium Coco Sulphate)-sodium salt derived from coconut - helps with lather and foaming

  • Oat Protein -vegetable protein helps add and retain moisture to the skin and create manageability and texture to the hair when dry

  • Betaine-100% coconut based and helps to create an amazing foam

  • Aloe Vera Powder -very rich in Vitamins A, B12, C and E, protein, calcium, magnesium, amino acids and essential fatty acids

  • Water soluble 99% natural dye- just for fun!

Some Variables :

  • Colour Care: Contains Camomile Extract (soothing properties for overworked hair ) , Quinoa Extract (recent testing has shown it helps to prolong colouring in hair) replacing the Oat Protein sand Aloe Vera Powder

Such a sweet review ;-)

The best part about Mary Anne’s shampoo bars is they have no plastic, so they help the ocean. The second best thing is they make your hair soft. The third best thing is the smell!
— Doug, age 10