Dubrovnik, Croatia

I have always needed a creative outlet.
Some  years ago I took a soap-making class with my daughter.
That led to my taking many classes from leading aromatherapy and holistic skincare professionals.
I was interested in finding natural solutions to hydrate my skin and look after my body without the chemicals often used in non-natural products. I live in Toronto, Canada, and our cold winters take a toll on vulnerable skin.
Ageing may be inevitable, but we can reduce its pace by nurturing our bodies inside with healthy foods and outside with products that are made carefully with pure and health-inducing ingredients.
When I travel, I look for ingredients that I can incorporate into my products. My travels have taken me to Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Morocco.
I love making my products, and I hope that you will love using them.

Mary Anne

Jackson’s Body Essentials Ltd.