Dried roses in the markets in Morocco

Dried roses in the markets in Morocco

Whenever possible I like to travel to where my raw products are sourced, lets says “Soil to Bottle”  is my concept 

I do my best to use natural ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals that are often irritants to your body. 

I dont believed in testing products on animals but i have been known to rub my natural salves on my doggies, Rockie and Dexter 


Note: Future updates to my product line will have an option of non-plastic containers although the cost may be slightly higher

August travels

August travels


Travels to Greece

I simply love to travel!

As mention in my bio i try my best to seek local products from places i visit and incorporate them in my creams and soaps.

mastic tree.jpg

Mastic Oil

In cosmetic products, when combined with plant oils, mastic has hydrating, soothing, cooling and anti-aging action.

In organic skin care, mastic is gaining more and more ground. It is used as a main ingredient in soaps, organic beauty creams because its properties restore collagen and elasticity of the skin thus they slow down the process of aging.


Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Although its mainly processed in Morocco this oil contains very high amounts of Vitamin E - they say 150% more than Argan oil. It is high in Vitamin K which has the ability to brighten your skin and help with dark spots. High amino acids simulate the skin and help produce collagan and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


Local Greek Camomile Essential Oil

sought after as an anti-inflammatory and helps regenerate cells and tighten pores. Sounds like thats going in my next nighttime cream!


Mountain Tea

I think i will infuse some cold pressed Greek olive oil with this

41622705_696333824056620_3073730041582977024_n (1).jpg

St John's Wort

Again, i'll infuse this in oil to extract the healing benefits for our skin

In the above gallery of photos, the local women are preparing for a wine festival 

Looking forward to a September 22nd market in Coe Hill

Looking forward to a September 22nd market in Coe Hill

Upcoming Market by the cottage ! Great to be local !

Upcoming Market by the cottage ! Great to be local !